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PowerPod Pulse I | Tesla NACS/Type 1/Type 2 -Charging Adaptor/Remote Control/Share to Earn

PowerPod Pulse I | Tesla NACS/Type 1/Type 2 -Charging Adaptor/Remote Control/Share to Earn

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PowerPod is the world’s first EV Charging Adaptor powered by zero-knowledge proof that allows you to charge smart not hard.


You can expect your product to ship within 45 days of placing your preorder.


Special Notes

- If you have already placed order with both Pulse I and Converter, please email us to refund part of the shipping fees, since we cannot use the platform to smartly set the price

- For each order, two converters can be purchased at most at the same time. If you need to buy more converters, please send emails to us

- Our email address is


Functions and Features

1. Charging as Mining

Charging with PowerPod Pulse I enables users to earn passive token rewards, utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technologies to monetize every electron flowing into the cars.

- Product Quality

Guarantee solid product safety and durability with finest PC materials and a 1-year warranty.

- Ease to Use

Users enjoy convenience from installation to usage, simply scan a QR code and follow the instructions on the app.

2. Share with the EV Community

Share your Charging Adaptor with others and contribute to public convenience while earning rewards

- Broad Compatibility 

PowerPod Pulse I is compatible with over 90% of EVs.

- Charging Convenience

Drivers can locate reliable charging stations just in seconds, avoiding queues and malfunction infrastructures using our shared EV charging network.

- Affordable Price

Drivers enjoy more affordable charging prices, as rates are determined by communities, not monopolistic companies

3. Remotely Control and Monitor the Progress 

Always in command of your charging, optimize charging efficiency, and reduce costs by monitoring the process.

- Reduced Charging Costs

Enjoy reduced charging costs at your fingertips with our remote control system, leveraging off-peak pricing to ensure lower expenses without compromising on efficiency.

- Intelligent Control

PowerPod Pulse I supports intelligent manipulations such as real-time monitoring, smart fault alerts, and remote firmware upgrading.

- Privacy Protection

PowerPod Pulse I protects charging data privacy through ZK Proof and Asymmetric Encryption.



1. Do I need to insert a SIM card into the Pulse I?

- We've included a SIM card with a 3-month data plan before the adaptor left the factor. Afterwards, you can use $PPD to pay for your annual data plan (we will inform you how to do that. This SIM card is specifically designed for this hardware (Pulse I), please do not use it for other purposes.

2. Will powerpod be expanding to India, Thailand, and etc.?

- Sorry, Shopify does not support the purchase from these regions at present. If you can't make a purchase to your region, please send an email to for inquiry, or contact our official members for assistance on discord ( or telegram (

3. Is the deposit refundable?

- Unfortunately we are unable to offer any refunds on deposits.


Product Parameters

Tesla NACS (North America)

AC Power Output Rating: 7KW (uni-phase)

Protection: Overcurrent, over-voltage, under-voltage, integrated surge protection

Circuit Breaker Recommend(A): 40A

Input Wiring Scheme: 3 Wire - L1, N, PE

Connector Type: Tesla NACS

Operating temperature: -30℃-+50℃

Guaranteed: 1 year

Type 2 Mennekes (Europe)

Maximum current: 32amps

AC Power Output Rating: 7KW(uni-phase)/22KW (3-phase)

Protection: Overcurrent, over-voltage, under-voltage, integrated surge-protection

Circuit Breaker Recommend(A): 40A

Input Wiring Scheme: 3Wire -L1, N,PE (uni-phase) /5 Wire - L1, L2,L3,N, PE (3-phase)

Connector Type: IEC 62196/Type 2/Mennekes

Operating temperature: -30℃-+50℃

Guaranteed: 1 year



We’re spreading the energy revolution to as many countries as possible! If there are restrictions preventing shipment to your location, we offer a refund. Currently, we can’t ship to China, North Korea, Russia, Pakistan, Israel, and Ukraine.



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